Private Equity and Structured Investments

PROSPERTY as a Real Estate Consultant understands that the Real estate private equity investment and funding is one of the crucial sources for economy value creation, and is a vehicle that drives high financial performance.

The experienced managers at PROSPERTY along with feedback using analytical data from the in- house Real estate Research analysts create structured investment solutions for individual clients in the real estate space. They offer prudent advise and custom made solutions after understanding the unique needs and objectives of the clients and ensure that these investment vehicles are in line with the overall asset allocation and risk return expectations of the clients. They empower investors to make better informed decisions on investments .

Our dynamic team has a proven track record of managing private equity and structured investment portfolios across domestic and international clients. Whether it is PROSPERTY’s proprietary funds or third party real estate private equity or venture capital funds, our experienced real estate portfolio managers give the most sound advice for cash flows to mitigate risk and invest prudently.

PROSPERTY offers strategic distribution of funds and structured payouts for Real estate developers to generate high returns. For individuals interested in real estate private equity and structured investment products customized solutions are provided. Our team of professionals carefully analyze the processes of investment and select the most suitable ones for individual clients.

The portfolio analysis and valuation services evaluates the pension and provident funds for investment alternatives, enabling us highlight risks in investments and to make adequate changes to the portfolio to maximize returns.

Our privacy policy ensures that Client contact information and other details are kept confidential and are provided with relevant information from time to time, PROSPERTY research team uses the secondary sources, journals, articles and relevant publications wherever applicable to forecast on investments .

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