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Portfolio Management

PROSPERTY is an international real estate portfolio management firm located out of India, UAE, Singapore, and Hong Kong. As one of the foremost real estate consultants in Chennai, Bengaluru, Ernakulam (Kochi) – India, Dubai – UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong..

Real Estate Research Services

PROSPERTY'S real estate market research services include economic and industrial profile of a city, overview of the real estate scenario, micro market information, assessment of all real estate developments in and around the micro market, drivers of demand...

Real Estate Funding Services

Prosperty real estate advisors and consultants offer real estate project funding, finance or mortgage services in Chennai, Bengaluru, Ernakulam ( Kochi), India, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah ( UAE), Singapore and Hong Kong through an array of impressive...

Private Equity and Structured Investments

PROSPERTY Real Estate Investment Managers and Portfolio Advisors believe that real estate private equity investments and innovative structured funding options are crucial sources for economic value creation, and is a vehicle that drives high financial...

Project Marketing Services

Prosperty Real Estate Project Management team have the expertise to offer services through all the phases of a construction project starting from its inception to execution and completion. The project managers and engineering team monitor ...

Transaction Advisory

Decisions related to buying and selling real estate need careful thought and calibrated advice. Prosperty real estate advisors and consultants offer a gamut of real estate advisory services, customized to the clients' requirements based on its...

Tax Advisory

At PROSPERTY, we have our real estate tax advisory team offering tax planning, loan computation, capital gains assessment and returns on investment services to our clients to ensure effortless formation, acquisitions and disposition...

Legal Advisory

Our legal advisory services include conveyance, documentation of all types and Registration works, viz., legal opinions, Title Verifications, Sale Deeds, Mortgage deeds, Partition Deeds, Lease deeds, Settlement Deeds, Trust deeds, Sale Agreements...

Estate Planning

Estate planning services from PROSPERTY supervises the proficient transfer of wealth to the successive generations. Our professional team ensures that the estate management is successful with minimal risks of negative consequences financially.

Property Management

Prosperty as a one-stop solution for the real estate sector completes its profile with property management services and home care. As a property management company in Chennai, Bengaluru, Ernakulam (Kochi) Prosperty deftly handles the management ..

Tenant Management

Prosperty real estate portfolio managers provide our clients with unique tenancy management solutions. Our real estate advisors and consultants along with our accredited panel of the best real estate brokers and agents in Chennai, Bengaluru...

Land Management

Prosperty real estate advisors and consultants manage parcels of land for the owners after securing a written mandate for duration and deliverables. The land management team conducts the land inspection, carries out due diligence of documents including ..

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